What is 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) and Why is So Important ?

5th Chakra The 5th Chakra is known as Throat Chakra and in Sanskrit its name as Vishuddha Chakra.The body part which impact on this 5th chakra is ears and it’s locate in throat.Throat chakra is govern communications and fluent in thought and the sense of security. On the physical level 5th chakra controls the functions of thyroid gland.When kundalini pierce in this center the person become extremely truthful and sweet in communications. another good thing it’s the person who fully activated this vishuddhi chakra does not indulge in futile arguments.


Development Age of Throat Chakra

Person who are well balance in this area become extremely diplomatic in handling situations without igniting the ego of himself. Normally the development stage of this throat chakra is consider as the 7 to 12 years of the age.


Throat  Chakra Color : Blue

5th Chakra work as a portal for communications and it express the truth for other chakras. The colors are assort with light blues and aquamarine. There are some positive as well as negative reactions associate with this color.

Positivity associate with blue color

  • Tranquility
  • Loyal
  • Security
  • trust
  • intelligence
  • love

Negetivity associated with blue color

  • Coldness
  • fear
  • masculinity

Other Names of Throat Chakra

The sanskrit name of throat chakra is vishuddha chakra and this chakra is also named as Kanth Padma and Shodasha Dala too. the meaning of vishuddha is purification.


Symbol of 5th Chakra

As we mentioned earlier the color connectwith this chakra is blue and its symbol is consist with a circle with sixteen petals and a circle inside of it. In some throat chakra symbol there are downward pointing triangle is located inside of the chakra circle.


Importance of 5th Chakra

In most of special things in your life is expression of your own creativity . Do you got good feeling about that you are in good position of expressing your creativity .

If you are not feeling very well about your creativity , it’s better to work with your throat chakra to get open it and have a good creativity in your life.

Most of communication skills and methods are also associated with this throat chakra . in good way or bad way we can say things to other which get really effect on them. You always know that you are always talking to yourself in the little voice inside your head.

Most of the singers who use their voice and rhythm are the persons who got great control over this throat chakra. Normally most of good  throat chakra personals got great voice and good sense of rhythm too.

In most of little voice inside out head is mostly direct us to make a good or bad decisions in our life. This little thought and talks are really effect on our life and it also effect us on the actions which we are making on. We always know that there are some negative voice in our head which lead to limit our potential .

As a solution for have low negative thoughts in our mind and active this throat chakra we can use affirmations words.  Which these affirmations will help us to gain more positive thoughts in our mind and reduce our negativity and limited belief in our self.


In What Profession This Throat Chakra is More Important

Those who are more focus on public speaking and politician it’s essential to develop their throat chakra to get excel in their career.

Words create magic and emotions to other self , some leaders and trainers got great skill to influence people by their words. So by having good balanced throat chakra provide this skill to express words in effective ways.

Salesperson, public speakers, trainers, and persons who use their communication skill on living it’s really essential to develop this chakra.

The throat chakra got great ability to express yourself to others so most of artists, politicians, musician and movie directors are who much focused on express their self got good throat chakra.

Over Activity and Blockage of This Throat Chakra

When throat chakra get blocked you may feel discomfort in expressing your self to other and feel depressed and unhappy.

When got lower or block this throat chakra you are being a silent person who are unable to express your feeling and requirements to others. Which sometimes create disaster situations.

The persons who are overactive this chakra always talking without thinking and they don’t know what they are doing .


Areas Get Affected by Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is influence by

  • communication
  • creativity
  • truthfulness
  • institution 

when this chakra is not under good shape in your body the mention areas may get affect due to that reason.

Normally Throat chakra is physically control the mouth ,ears , nose, teeth and tongue of our face


Other Important Informations of Throat Chakra

Mercury is the planet of Throat chakra and endocrine gland associated with this chakra is thyroid and parathyroid gland.

Following are several important details of this throat chakra

  • Element: Ether(Light)
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Sense : Hearing
  • Mantra : HOM
  • Day: Saturday
  • Symbol : Time Wheel

In our next article relate to this throat chakra .We are plan to discuss more details about what are the symptom and signs that we can see when your third eye chakra is blocked .We are also plan to discuss what are the mitigatory measures which we can take into account . steps to get cure this physical and emotional problems which connect with the imbalance of this chakra.


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