What is Heart Chakra and Why its Important ?

What is Heart ChakraYour may wonder What is Heart Chakra in the chakra system and why its so important in our life. In this article we are explain the importance of having good heart chakra.  It is also necessary to have a better heart chakra to become a better human. If you are having good heart chakra you are having great flow of love which is essential for our life.

The 4th Chakra is known as Heart and in Sanskrit its named as Anahata Chakra.The body part which impact on this 4th chakra is lungs and it’s located at center of the chest. This chakra is also connect us to our emotional self, bring harmony , forgiveness, love and sincerity in our life.

Heart Chakra represent and also influence the trust, love and compassion in our life. The element of this chakra is air and this chakra represent venus planet.

Since this center governs our eyes,too much visual engagements like cinema, computers, televisions , over reading etc, weakens this center indulging in mental calisthenics and intellectual feats leads to blocking of this center and develops the notation of illness and ego.

Heart chakra also associated with love, connection, community, forgiveness . most of spiritual leaders are always talking about the emotions which express in your heart. Most of authentic spirituality is open by heart chakra.

When we consider on what is heart chakra and how its improtant its also get connect with others  and feel their feelings . in most of our life we have been selfish and think only about ourselves and which at the end of we think about there are no satisfaction on ourselves at last . But if you are focused on servicing others this will lead us to have a great self satisfactions.


What is Heart Chakra Kundalini Energy

Kundalini Energy


When Kundalini pierces in this center , the person immediately become thoughtless forgiving , which is the essence of this center , that is allow us to forgive others. Agnya is a two petalled center ind this also placed where two optic nerves cross each other in the brain . This center is also pituitary and pineal glands in the body which manifest the two institutions of ego and superego within us.


Other Names of Heart Chakra

the sanskrit name of this fourth chakra (heart chakra) is anahata chakra and the meaning of anahata is unhurt , unstruck  or unbeaten.


What is Heart Chakra Symbol

Symbol of this Heart chakra is represented by a lotus flower with twelve petals and inside of the lotus petal there is a Intersection of two triangles.

Some Additional details of Heart Chakra

Following are several additional informations which related to this chakra and their relevant informations.

Symbol : Twelve Petal of Lotus

Color : Green Color

Sense : Touch

Day :Sunday

Stone :diamond

Symbol : Cross

Quality Forgiveness

Organs Controlled : Sight, Optic Thalamus, Hypothalamus

Mantra : YOM

Yoga pose : Cobra


Heart Chakra Color : Green

Color of heart chakra are green rose and pink shade which colors are associated with the healing chakra and loving. The green color represents money, growth , fertility, freshness and Healing in positive way. Green color is alor represent envy, Jealousy and guilt in negative way too.


What Happen When this Chakra is Overactive or Blocked

This  is very powerful and very interesting chakra in entire chakra system. When you are overactive in this heart chakra what they normally only focus on always giving and serving others by without focusing  yourself personally.  

Most of these kind of person have some issues with loving yourself and take care yourself this is also a problematical situation which is not much good for balance your system.

When your heart chakras block or lower active , you are only focus on yourself only but not focusing on others.The heart chakra governs love and circulation and devotion.

when you feel loneliness or shyness suddenly , sometimes this might be a reason to get block this heart chakra. Heart chakra imbalance also affect to get lack of empathy too.

Problems Affected with Heart Chakra Imbalance

Heart chakra is one of the energy center which balance your body . This is also govern the most of bio circulatory systems of our body.

When your heart chakra get imbalance this may be a reason to get lose yourself and lose the connections with and your surroundings too. This will be cause for some serious issues such as selfish and being manic.

When your heart chakra get block you may feel that Lack of drive and motivations to do essential works of your life. Tendency to hypochondria is also a symptom of heart chakra underperform conditions.

What Happen When This Chakra is in Balance Position

When your heart chakra is perfectly balanced your are much balanced with caring yourself and also nurturing others and help others .

Heart chakra is also associated with healing of your life and allowing this chakra perfectly balance will also enhance the relationships with others and you may also get deep fulfillment in your life.

We’re living our life with so many complex and busy schedules and we lose our peace in our life . opening this heart chakra lead use to have great inner peace in our life.


Chakra Healing Methods

By using reiki you can also get balanced any chakra and there are certain reiki treatment to get balanced chakra. one reiki method use to heal certain chakra is not able to  do for rebalanced another chakra. By performing root chakra healing methods mentions above you can able to get heal this first chakra . There are so many different methods use to get heal this chakra such as

  • Chakra meditation
  • Sound therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Chakra affirmations
  • Healing In natural way
  • Yoga Poses to heal and improve
  • Food for chakra
  • Chakra Mudra
  • Essential oils
  • Chakra Stone

We are plan to discuss this Heart chakra healing methods in separately in our future articles.

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