9 Super Fast Ways To Throat Chakra Healing In Your Body

Throat Chakra Healing is essential to have better balance in your entire energy body. There are so many ways to get protect and heal any chakra. By eating proper food , doing certain yoga asana, reiki methods, reflexology and aromatherapy are some of the energy healing methods to balance any chakra of your body. Following are some of the alternative effective healing methods which can use to get heal this throat chakra significantly.Throat Chakra Healing

Throat Chakra Healing Using Color Therapy

Color therapy is another possible way to get heal this throat chakra in good way. The color  of this throat chakra is blue color.

So by adding the color of blue frequently  into your day-to-day life will improve this chakra significantly.

Additional to by using frequently this blue color you can also light a blue color candle got the ability to increase this throat chakra in really effective way.


By Using Throat  Chakra Healing Stones

Chakra stones are one of the best and easy to way to get Throat Chakra Healing fast . You can use these chakra stones to get heal this chakra in perfect way with good balance.

Most of above stones frequencies are tally with the frequency of throat chakra . So this stones can use by as chakra  healing stones. Following are some chakra stones which can use to get heal this chakra

  • Blue Lace
  • Agate
  • Lapis
  • Sodalite 


 Mudra for Heal Throat Chakra

Dhyana Mudra is the mudra which associate with this Throat chakra Healing. For that what you need to do cross finger on the inside of hands and let the thumbs touch at the tops and pull slightly up. Hands by stomach, finger interlaced and thumb tips touching.


Food for Throat chakra

There are some healing methods got great effect to heal chakra rather than others. For example by using proper nutrient for certain chakra color also got proven results  improve such chakras. Likewise for throat chakra you can use the high nutrient food in the color of blue.

Following food are associated with help to improve Throat chakra of your body.Normally blue color foods are best for this for throat chakra healing such as following.

  • Blue Grapes
  • Blueberries
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Kombu
  • Barley
  • Wheatgrass
  • Mushroom
  • Barley


Throat  Chakra Healing Yoga Poses 

Performing following yogas will useful to open your Throat chakra and it’s also got the ability to stringent your throat chakra too.  Your can try this yoga poses for whenever you need or get Patrice twice a week while you walk up in the morning. By performing yoga is also creat good result on chakra balancing.

Yoga asana for Throat Chakra Healing

  • Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulder Stand)
  • Halasana (Plow Pose)
  • Matsyasana (Fish Pose)
  • Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)


Throat  Chakra Healing In Natural Way

Throat chakra is connect with element of sky which is directly relate to communications and express yourself.

You can throat chakra healing in natural way by simply calling a friend, writing a letter to someone you love , Singing a song . Apart of that you can being in outdoor, talking a walk can improve your natural healing on this throat chakra.

Aromatherapy by using essential oil is also great way to get heal certain chakra . for certain chakra there are separate essential oils which proves better results to get heal the certain chakra.

Using aromatherapy by essential oil also shows great result to get heal throat chakra too.


By Using Chakra Sound Methods

There are certain mantra sound for energize this throat chakra. The sound for this third chakra is  “HUM” so by practicing this chakra sound you can also get balanced this throat chakra in really effective way. Like “HUM”sound for  throat chakra there are other one word mantra for every chakra to get energize and heal the certain chakra. But the effectiveness for healing this throat chakra by using this mantra is really effective. since the chakra is also related to voice its really provide proven result on the mantra reciting.

Chakra Reflexology

Massage these areas to stimulate the Vishuddha chakra :

On the arm:  across the finger bases where they join hands.

On the Sole : at the base of the bit toes. Apply pressure upward from the base of the thumb towards the second toe.

By Using Positive Affirmations

you can also use positive affirmations to get heal any chakra in your body. positive affirmations are directly related to subconscious mind which receive your message into subconsciousness level and react by according to universal law of attractions. there are certain positive affirmations which you can use to get heal this throat chakra too.

throat chakra healing

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