7th Chakra

What Happen When Your 7th Chakra Not Balance

Crown chakra is also know as 7th Chakra which is one of the most important chakra in entire chakra system and its relate to the consciousness. So keep balance and good healthy condition of this chakra is essential to have good mental condition. If this crown chakra get imbalance, this will create to some serious emotional and mental problems . Such problems as feeling of isolation, feeling of guilt and depression. There is a deeper meaning of every life and once you able to get open this...

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7th chakra

Introduction of 7th chakra in Our Body (Crown Chakra)

The 7th Chakra is known as Crown  and in Sanskrit it’s named as Sahasrara Chakra.The body part which impact on this 7th chakra is Central Nervous system . This seventh chakra is located at top of the head. Crown chakra is the final stage of opening for advanced practitioner and it control karma universal unity and the meditation control.This sahaswara chakra is really important in spiritual connection and enlightenment . This chakra is consider one of the  opening portal to universal...

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