What is Svadhisthana Chakra ? (Sacral Chakra)

TSvadhisthana Chakrahe second chakra  is known as Sacral chakra and in Sanskrit it’s name as Svadhisthana chakra. The body part which impact on this second chakra  is reproductive area and it’s located at lower abdomen about two inches below the naval . Second chakra is also  connect with pleasure and enjoyment of your life by experiencing better feeling and emotions.

In this sacral chakra is where we able to get awaken the Kundalini energy of our energy body which is located in hips and sacrum area. The sacral chakra is also much relate to our creativity and our emotions. The element of this chakra is water. We are planing to discuss more about this chakra and their relevant information’s today.

Other Names of Sacral Chakra

There are several Other names are use to introduce sacral chakra such as Svadhisthana chakra, adhishthan achakra and shaddala chcakra.  Svadhisthana is the original Sanskrit name of this sacral chakra the meaning go svadhisthana is your own place.

Color of Svadhisthana Chakra

Sacral chakra is center into your hips and the color of this chakra is orange.  This second chakra  is a house of creativity and sexuality and it allows to go with flow of life the color of this chakra is orange.

Color therapy is another proven way to balance your chakra. Since the color of second chakra is orange, by increasing this color in your home and office space. This  will got tendency to improve this chakra and get perfectly balance.

Your can also wear orange color close to improve this sacral chakra too.

The fire from yellow color candle and cleanses sacral chakra ,and this is also one of the good way to use color of this chakra to get heal.

There are some positive and negative things associate with certain color.

Orange color represents courage, friendliness, success and confidence in positive way and ignorance and selfishness in negative way.

Chakra Symbol of Second Chakra 

The symbol of the sacral chakra is a combination of a circle with six petals and moon crescent. the circle of the symbol of this sacral chakra represent water which is the main element of this second chakra.  symbol of sacral chakra is also relate to feminine by the moon .

Other Important Details of this Svadhisthana chakra

The element of Svadhisthana chakra is water  and most of sacral chakra healing process is associated with the element.

The planet which connect with this Svadhisthana chakra is considered as Mercury. Emotional identity ,creativity ,pleasure and sexuality influenced by this chakra .

So when this chakra is not under good balanced conditions in your energy body  the areas which mentioned can get effect due to that.

Following are some additional information s realte to this Chakra. 

Element : Water

Planet : Mercury

Sense : Taste

Sanskrit Name : Svadhisthana

Mantra : VAM

Yoga poses : Wide-angle seated forward bend

The Normal frequency level of this second chakra is 635-510 THz.

How this Chakra get blocked

This second chakra is associate with fun, sexuality and pleasure of your life. If you feel that you have no joy in your life or not feeling good at your sexual life.

Sometimes this might be a symptom that your Svadhisthana chakra is blocked.

There are several way which can this chakra get blocked by . One of the main reason for get blocked sacral chakra are that you have got shamed of others or by yourself for certain incidents. This is really harmful for your second chakra and shame got more tendency to block your sacral chakra.

In the beginning of our life in childhood we experienced a lot of fun and joy in our life , but when we are getting older most of the people lose their fun part of their life. So not having fun and joy in your life is also a reason to get blocked this sacral chakra.

If you feel inner pain or guilt in your life for some certain reasons ,  this chakra might get easily blocked for that reason.

Misuse of sexual power and other personal ethics are also reason of blockage of this chakra.

Most of the chakra get blocked temporarily and once you do proper healing methods you can easily get relief from this chakra blockage and imbalance problems.

Symptoms of Sacral Chakra Block

Normally other people can sense your Svadhisthana chakra and they also able to respond on it. If this chakra get blocked you may tend to get away from your social life and push people away from your life.

Sacral chakra are also connected with creativity also. sometimes you feel some problem with your creativity . This might be one of the sign which shows that you got weak or blocked second chakra in your body.

If your got any of mention symptoms , sometimes you got blocked or imbalanced your second chakra in energy body.

Benefits of Having balanced Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra are also connected with the ability to connect with other people also. This also help to connect with your friends in social life, business partners in your business and attract your soul mate in love life.

In human body the sex hormone and sexual energy which is really important to human life  are basically associated with these sacral chakra.

Having good sacral chakra also much useful in creativity . if you are doing your job related to creative it’s essential to get heal this chakra in perfect balance.

How to improve this Chakra

To improve sacral chakra what your simply can do is dance. If you got problem which we discuss in above that the cause of block sacral chakra can get good result by doing dancing. Going to dance class or learning dance is actually free us from the shame and it make life more fun.

We are also plan to discuss further how this sacral chakra get improv and heal by using several methods.

Hope you have got good understanding on basic detail of this chakra ,How this second chakra get blocked and what are the steps to we can perform to improve this chakra.

We are plan to discuss more about the problems connect with this chakra blockage and the steps to get heal this chakra in our previous articles.


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