What Happens When Your Sixth Chakra Not Perfom Well

Sixth ChakraSixth Chakra (third eye chakra)  is also another important chakra to get balance in our energy body . This chakra is also associate with  motivation.Its also use  to get inspire on something into our life . Third eye chakra also directly connect to wisdom and insight too.

When your third eye chakra are perfectly get balance you may have good memory . Another good thing is  you also able to create powerful imagination of your self too.

Third eye chakra is also associate to have good sleep . Those who great balance this third eye chakra is good to have good sleep. Another benefits of good balance  third eye chakra is you can easily remember what you see in your dreams.

Following are some of the physical and emotional problems which result of the imbalance of the third eye chakra in our energy body.

What Happens When Your Ajna Chakra is Not Balance

Like other chakras third eye chakra can get block. You may feel a lot of confusions in your life when this chakra get block.  Constant distraction in your life is also associat with this balance this chakra.

When your third eye chakras are too much open you may spent lots of time on reading and also get consistent illness.

There are several chakra healing methods which you can get patrice by doing it .You can get this ajna chakra soon by performing such tasks and healing methods

What Happen Over Active of Sixth Chakra

When you are feel lots of psychological and emotional distress, this might be a symptom of the overactive third eye chakra. Your third eye chakra is overactive you may feel that you are not properly ground and getting lost in life.

You always like to live in fantasies which you have create in your imaginations and you are like to live in those fantasies rather than focusing on reality.

When your third eye chakra get balance you may feel good focus and clarity in your life.

Third eye chakra is more focus psychic powers and energies . This also provide you visions and paranormal experience when your chakra is over activity of this chakra.

Physical Ailments Associate With Sixth Chakra Imbalance

Most of third eye chakra block problems are much related to  physical level . Since this third eye chakra is more relate to pituitary gland in neurological. When your third eye chakra is block or imbalance you may feel following physical problems

Sinusitis ,seizures and Sciatica are some of the physical level ailments related to the blockage and imbalance of this chakra

The over activity of this chakra can cause you become judgmental on others and most of your judgements are impaired and wrong.

In our previous articles we have discuss several articles regarding the necessary information’s and healing methods of this chakra . We are also plan to discuss a lot on this sixth chakra on our previous article more .