10 Best ways to Heal Sacral Chakra Fast Which You Dont Belive 

sacral chakraThe second chakra in our energy body is known as sacral chakra and this chakra represents the emotion and sensuality. the energy which based on this second chakra is focused on water element. This chakra involves the feeling of enjoyment and pleasure in our life. it’s also associated with a lot of emotions and feelings in ourselves, relationship, sensual pleasure, creativity and fantasies in our personal life is depend based on this second chakra.  This is the center of our inner sensations, feelings, and emotions.

Sacral Chakra Introduction

The second chakra in our energy body is known as Sacral Chakra and in Sanskrit, it’s known as Svadhisthana chakra.

Apart from Svadhisthana chakra this chakra also known as  Adhishthana chakra and shaddala chakra . The real meaning of Svadhisthana is your own place.

Where Sacral Chakra Located?

The physical organs which mainly impact on this sacral chakra are the reproductive area. Its believe that this second chakra is located in the lower abdomen area which is about two inches below the naval.

Chakra Color

The color which associate with this second chakra in our body is an orange color. Orange color also represents the translucent quality.

Chakra Symbol

Svadhishthana Chakra represents as a white crescent moon and in the middle of the lotus. This lotus which got six colored petals. Each petal named several Sanskrit letters such as मं mam ,  रं ram ,  भं bham, बं ban , लं lam and यं yam.

Since the chakra represents water element the moon crescent color with silver which represents the connection between the water and moon.

Other Important Details of this Chakra

Location: Base of the Spine

Color : Yellow

Element : Water

Planet : Mercury

Sense : Taste

Sanskrit Name : Svadhisthana

Mantra : VAM

Yoga poses : Wide-angle seated forward bend

No of Petals of the lotus: Six

What happens when this chakra got imbalance

We have already mentioned that this chakra is connected with fun, emotion, pleasure and sexual feelings. So when this chakra not perfectly balanced in our body these areas get affected.

So if you are not having any sexual feelings and your emotions are not perfectly in harmony, this might be a symptom that your second chakra is not underbalanced condition.

The main problem of any unbalanced chakra is its directly effect on our physical and mental health. So it is very important to have better balanced and harmonized chakra in our energy body.

Any chakra in our seven chakra system can get an imbalance in two ways. First it can get overactive and second is the chakra can get under active or blocked. Remember that these situations are not good for our health.


Chakra Overactive Problems

The over activity of sacral chakra create a serious issue in our life. The physical ailment which leads by the chakra over activity is a Urinary issue, Kidney related problems, Back pains and problems associated with the gynecological area.

If you are currently suffering from any physical problems above, this might be a cause of the over activity of the 2nd chakra in our chakra system.

The over activity also can associate with several emotional problems like anxiety, aggressiveness, and arrogance. When you feel that your emotions are deeper than other times or excess of emotions which lead low personal boundaries are also other emotional related problems which cause the over activity of this chakra.

Underactive of Sacral Chakra

Since this chakra is more up to emotions, when this chakra get blocked you may feel very unemotional or not having any senses in your life.

So many peoples are don’t like to get a change in their life and this might be another symptom that your 2nd chakra gets under active or blocked.


Sacral Chakra Blocking Symptoms

Following are the common physical and emotional symptoms which occur due to blockage of the second chakra. If you have one or several symptoms of the following list we can come into conclusion that you are affected by Sacral chakra blocking problem.

  • When your second chakra is underactive or blocked you may feel that you are very unemotional and sometimes you don’t feed any senses at all. So it might be an emotional problem which associates with the chakra blockage.
  • Life is all about facing changes, it is really necessary to face the changes in a positive way to meet the challenges. When your sacral chakra is blocked it’s really difficult to face the changes in life.
  • You are not good at your relationships with your partner and others.
  • This chakra also connect with the sexual drive so when this chakra blocked you may feel low sexual drive in your body.
  • Chronic pain and arthritis might be a symptom of the imbalance of sacral chakra in your energy body

Likewise, there are so many symptoms that we can identify easily whether our second chakra is blocked or not.


Sacral Chakra Healing Methods

There are so many ways to get heal chakras in our energy body. Some chakra healing methods are much effective to heal certain chakra rather than other.

For some person, the method of one chakra healing works best rather than others.  Which means the chakra healing method which performs best for you may not work best for other.

In here we are a plan to discuss several powerful methods to get heal the second chakra in our energy body. By performing one by one you can find out what are the best chakra healing method which works best for you.

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Sacral Chakra Healing

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1. Chakra Crystal Healing

Crystal healing methods are now much popular , because of its effectiveness and easy to use methods. In crystal healing to heal chakra, there are specific crystals which allocated to heal specific chakra.

The major duty of crystal healing is to restore the energy and balance certain chakra in our energy body.

Normally orange crystals are connected with this sacral chakra and it also helps to improve the energy in our body.

Since sacral chakra is located in our abdominal area, it’s better that you can wear sacral chakra stones as naval piercing but it’s not necessary.

Carnelian and Orange Calcite are some of the best stones which can use to heal this chakra.

2. Essential Oils Treatment

Since sacral chakra is connected with a water element. you can use such essential oil in a bath or as a body scrub.

If we consider about the essential oils there are special type of essential oils are especially use to improve the performance of sacral chakra. Most of the essential oil which use to one chakra to get heal not work best for other chakra. Following are several essential oils which best for heal root chakra.

  • Tangerine
  • Neroli
  • Jasmin
  • Rosewood
  • Clary Sage
  • Grape
  • Bergamot
  • Geranium

There are so many different ways which can use thise essential oils to heal this chakra. But for root chakra it’s much better if you can apply this oils and massage the area which is lower abdominal area (where sacral chakra located at )  to get the  best result.


3. Sacral Chakra Mudra

Mudra are some pre determined hand positions. It is consider that each hand reflection position react on special part of our brain. It also guid energy flow into our brain and by that we can link into universal energy force.

Reset the back of your right hand in palm of other with tips of thumbs lightly touching. By practicing this mudra for certain time can work to get heal this chakra.

4. Chakra healing Foods

Food is the most important thing for any species. It doesn’t matter whether you are human or any kind of living species in this world , Without food you can’t survive.

So by having proper food you can activate certain areas and chakras in our body. To improve sacral chakra you can uses orange color foods.

Following food are associated with help to improve second chakra of your body.There are so many fruits and vegetable available the yellow color which is good to heal this second chakra.

  • Almonds
  • Papaya
  • melon
  • passion fruit
  • pumpkin
  • orange
  • coconut mandarins
  • mangos
  • walnuts

By having above nutrient foods you can improve this sacral chakra significantly .This is one of the easy chakra healing methods which you can easily apply in your daily routine.This is one of the most easy way to get heal this chakra.

5. Yogaasana to heal second chakra

Yoga poses are consider much effective way to heal the chakra in our body. Power of yoga is much effective and easy rather than any other method . There are some certain chakras which connect with some yogas. Not all yoga asana ( position) is good  to balance every chakra. For root chakra there are several yoga asana which provide great results such as.

  1. Trikonasana (TRIANGLE POSE)
  2. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
  3. Natarajasana (Shiva Pose)
  4. Baddha Konasana (BUTTERFLY POSE)


You can try this yoga position to get heal and balance your root chakra at any time of the day. If you are really practicing this method it’s also good if you can patrice some of this yogas twice a week while you wake up in morning.

Its also essential to have better patrice and education on yoga befor perform it. So I would rather advice to lean yoga by expert before perform any yoga.


6. Sacral Chakra Affirmation

Affirmation got powerful reaction on our subconscious mind. Affirmations is also work with law of attraction and help to create things. There are several powerful affirmations which can use to get heal sacral Chakra.

You can create your own affirmations which related to cure certain chakra .

to have best result of chakra affirmations it is essential to recite it on daily basis. Research shows that the best result of chakra affirmation show recite before sleep and after sleep.

in this stage our mind is on relax statu so your affirmation will send in to deep subconscious mind to get the maximum results.


7. Chakra Healing Reflexology


Reflexology is also known as therapy zone. In this natural alternative medicine is also involve to apply the pressure into certain areas (Especially on feet and hands). Like other alternative medicine method which described earlier. There are certain reflexology method which can use to improve the Sacral chakra of our body.

Reflexology On the arm : below the base of the wrist

Reflexology On the Sole : areas on the internal edge of the sole of the foot and back on the internal edge of the foot

You need to apply pressure on this area to get heal the sacral chakra


8. Sound Therapy Healing Methods


There are special single word mantra called bij mantra in indian spritual science.  Sound “VAM” is the bij mantra which connect with this first chakra of our body. by performing this mantra while you were performing mudra create excellent results.

The frequency of this “VAM” single word is 288 Hz which is perfectly match to heal this chakra. in youtube you can find lots of chakra healing sound to heal any chakra to get stable and improve.

9.Sacral Chakra Healing Meditation


Meditation is ultimate powerful way to heal any chakra . Meditation is also considered the most successful chakra healing method which can use for any chakra to get heal in short time. There are certain methods to perform to heal certain chakra or you can perform one basic meditation method to get heal all chakra in our body.

You need to be very carefully if you are using meditation to heal and energized chakra of your body. Without proper guidance do not perform chakra meditation . You must have proper guidance to perform any chakra meditation because it’s so much powerful. If we consider about the root chakra healing , you can perform meditation by imaging a bright orange d color light at the base of your sime and then imaging this red light is extending down to your leg and feet.  There are also several other meditation methods which can use to improve this chakra too.


10. Healing the second chakra naturally

There are several natural ways that you can get heal the second chakras in our energy body. As we described earlier there is seven chakras in our body.

The chakra healing method which use to heal one chakra is identical to other. So to heal sacral chakra naturally we can use spending time by the ocean, a lake or river.

taking walks by the water or sitting with it in view, going wading or swimming, is especially energizing for this chakra. Drink more water is another good way to heal this chakra