What Happen When Sacral Chakra Imbalance In Your Body

Sacral Chakra ImbalanceSacral chakra is one of the most important chakra in our body . If you got sacral chakra imbalance it’s really essential to get heal this chara as soon as possible. Because this chakra is also involve in most of good part of our life.

Sacral Chakra is the chakra which located in located at lower abdomen about two inches below the navel . This chakra is governed the creativity, well communication of emotions with others , ability to change and sexualiy of our body.

Sexuallity and sense of pleasure is also assocated with this sacral chakra . Those who got good balanced under sacral chakra got great control under sexuality.

Those who are perfectly balance this sacral chakra got good emotional feelings and good relationships .The good balances sacral chakra personals can able to get communicate their feeling very well to outer world.

Sacral chakra is also associate with creativity and realm of emotions. Since this chakra is the center of sensation it’s essential to keep balance this chakra. The seven chakras in our energy body also connect with seven aura energy level too.

Since Sacral chakra is directly connect with your creativity , sexuality and socialization , this consider as one of the important chakra in chakra system .


What Happen When Your Sacral Chakra is Overactive

Scral Chakra Overactive

The over activity of sacral chakra create several serious problems in life. There might be several physical problems also associate with overactivity of this chakra such as

  • urinary problmes
  • kidney problems
  • lower back pains
  • gynecological problem

If your have some certain problems such as mention , sometimes you’ve got over activity of sacral chakras.

Overall activity of sacral chakra can also associate with several emotional problems such as anxiety , aggressiveness and arrogance.

Once your sacral chakra is overactive you may feel that your emotions are more deep than other times. So thes excess of emotions will lead to have low personal boundaries.

There are several healing methods which can use to get heal this sacral chakra in short period of time.


What Happen When Your Sacral Chakra is Blocked

Scral chakra problem

When your sacral chakra is block for certain reason you may feel that you are very unemotional. Sometimes you don’t feel or sense any goodness in your life.

In our life we have to face lots of changes, some people don’t like to deal with these changes in life. So this is also a symptom that second chakra of that person is blockage.

Constant anxiety , fear and lack of self confidence is also signs of the sacral chakra block in your body.


Problems Affected with Sacral Chakra  Imbalance

There are physical and emotional problem can happen due to the sacral chakra imbalance in our body.

Getting block such chakra may create harmful effects in your relationships with others.  Sacral chakra is also connect with your self image and sex drive too.

When your chakra is under perform conditions you may constantly feel that feeling of guilt and negativity some times over sensitivity.  If your sacral chakra over perform  you may witness manipulative behaviours and hedonistic.


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