Amazing 8 Sacral Chakra Healing Tips and Tricks

Sacral Chakra HealingThere are several methods are use to get Sacral Chakra Healing on our energy body. In our previous article “What is Svadhisthana Chakra ? (Sacral Chakra)” we have discussed basic informations of this second chakra in our energy body. In this article we are plan to disucss more on what are the steps to take to heal this chakra.  By following the healing methods mentioned in below you can witness significant result on healing your sacral chakra.


By Using Sacral Sacral Chakra Healing Stone

Normally orange colors crystals are connect  with this sacral chakra which stimulate the sex organs. This stone are also governt the wom and sacrum.

Orange color stones can help to improve energy , dispel inhibitions. Since the area of sacral chakra in your stomach area it’s much better if you can wear these charka stones as naval piercing if you want but not necessary.

Applying and use this Sacral chakra healing stone is one of the best and easy way to get improve your chakra . your chakra is get block due to some reasons and by using this method you can easily resolve the problems . Following are several chakra healing stones got same vibrational frequency of the sacral chakra.

Carnelian – Carnelian is one of the famous chakra stone to activate sacral chakra and this stone is really good to improve relationships.

Orange Calcite -This stone got the ability to enhance the creativity inside you and Orange Calcite crystal aso improve positive energy and sexuality.


Chakra Mudra for Second Chakra

Dhyani Mudra is the mudra which associate with this sacral chakra .For that what you need place this mudra over the sacral chakra to create a vortex to balance and heal chant the bij sound “VAM”.

Reset the back of your right hand in palm of other with tips of thumbs lightly touching. By practicing this mudra for certain time can work to get heal this chakra.


Food for Scaral Chakra Heal

Following food are associated with help to improve second chakra of your body.

Normally orange color foods are best for this for example.There are so many fruits and vegetable available the yellow color which is good to heal this second chakra.

  • Almonds
  • Papaya
  • melon
  • passion fruit
  • pumpkin
  • orange
  • coconut mandarins
  • mangos
  • walnuts

By having above nutrient foods you can improve this sacral chakra significantly .This is one of the easy chakra healing methods which you can easily apply in your daily routine.


 Sacral Chakra Healing In Natural Way

Sacral chakra is connected with element of Water. so spending time by the ocean , a lake or river. taking walks by the water or sitting with it in view, going wading or swimming, is especially energizing for this chakra. Drink more water is another good way to heal this chakra.

Sacral Chakra Healing Reflexology

Reflexology is one of popular alternative medicine method which got great proven result to heal some of aliment in our body and get heal. By pression some certain part of on the arm and sole are used to do in this method. To Stimulate sacral chakra you can press following on arm and on sole.

on the arm : below the base of the wrist

On the Sole : areas on the internal edge of the sole of the foot and back on the internal edge of the foot


Sound Therapy

Chakra Healing sound

Sound therapy is one of the the method you can perform to improve this sacral chakra your can recite The powerful sound which associated with Bij Mantra called “VAM” to get heal this chakra. The normal frequency of this cakra is 288 Hz and key note is D. You can find lot of youtube sound therapy videos to heal this chakra Waterfall Sound.

By performing one or several methods you can easily get heal this scaral chakra . We have alredy disucssed more articles regarding the the healing of other chakras in our previous articles too.