What Will Happen When Your Sacral Chakra Blockage

Sacral Chakra BlockageSacral chakra blockage can happen due to so many reasons and when this chakra is get block you will havet to face lot of dificulties in your life. Sacral Chakra is the second chakra of our energy body and its one of the important chakra to get heal. When this chakra is not under perfect balance conditions some problems can happen to that person.  Sacral chakra unbalance led so many physical and emotional problems in our life. In this article we are plan to discuss some problems connect with the imbalance of our second chakra.

Physical Ailment Can Happen Due to sacral chakra blockage

Lower Sex Drive:

One of the major problem connect with this sacral chakra imbalance is the low sex drive and Reproductive organs dysfunctions in yourself. To have good sexual life with lots of sensations it’s essential to get balanced this chakra proper way.

Kidney and urinary Relate Problems due to sacral chakra blockage

Sacral chakra also affect to your kidney and urinary .Imbalance of this chakra also can create kidney and urinary problems .  Its useful to check the balance of this sacral chakra if you got any kindney or urinary problems in your body. 

Since sacral chakra is locate lower abdomen area and imbalance of this chakra may cause urinary or digestive problems and also menstrual problems too.

Chronic Pain and Arthritis:

Do you suffer any chronic lower pain or arthritis , sometimes this might be a symptom of the imbalance of sacral chakra in your energy body .Lower back pain and pelvic pains area also associate with this imbalance of this sacral chakra

Low Immunity :

Immunity is one of the important bio system of our body and it’s really essential to have good system to fight with aliments . Sacral chakra imbalance can cause a serious problem in this immune system.

Sciatica and fatigue are some problems which can cause due to the imbalance of this second chakra.

Emotional Problems Happen Due to sacral chakra blockage

Shyness and Intimacy:

Shyness and intimacy issues are common emotional problems which associate to the imbalance of this chakra. When a person got some social phobia this might be a symptom of bad sacral chakra. 

Controlling Others:

When this chakra is not under perfect condition or overactive this person always like to control others and face lots of difficulties in his or her life.

Do you feel that you are unable to find solution for some of the problems which you are face in your day-to-day life. So its might probably your Sacral chakra not balanced in your body.

Problem with Creativity:

Sacral chakra is associate with your creativity . If your sacral chakra is not under balance position this will affect you in the way of affect your creativity . It’s really difficult to find new ideas from your brain.

So if you are suffered from any of the signs that your sacral chakra blockage, overactive or imbalance it’s essential to get heal this chakra before it become more serious. There are so many different sacral chakra healing methods to get heal this chakra . We are plan to discuss how to heal this chakra in separate article .