The Root Chakra Definitive Guide With 10 Actionable Healing Methods

It is essential to have a better root chakra in our chakra system to have a great feeling of safety in our life. In Sanskrit, Root Chakra is also known as Muladhara Chakra and the meaning of Muladhara is Root Support this is the first chakra of our energy body. The chakra is also connected with some of our basic needs in our life. For example security, survival, food to eat, shelter to sleep, Grounding and support to live life is also represented from this chakra.The energy which based on this first chakra is focused on earth element.

In any structure foundation is the most important part. Without having a good foundation we cannot expect a good result in any area. Likewise, the Root chakra is the foundation of our entire chakra system. So it’s essential to have a better-synchronized root chakra in our body.

Some Basic Information of Root Chakra You Need to Know

It is essential to have perfect Root chakra system in our body in order to feel great safe and secure in our life. Normally this chakra fully forms in the age of two.

Whare is This Root Chakra Located?


Root Chakra is the first chakra in our human body and its believe that this chakra is located at the base of the spine. it’s also believed that this chakra is connected with the coccyx of our body and it to flow on downward direction. 

It also believes that this chakra is located at the center of the sexual and genital area which is the gateway of our reproductive organs and birth.


Associate Color of Root Chakra  and its symbol 


Root Chakra Symbol The Symbol of the chakra is a combination of four petal lotus flower. and there is a yellow square at its center. There are so many different ways to show the symbol of this chakra. In this four petal, their are some Sanskrit word written in some symbols.This chakra is also can symbolized in yellow or gold color in chakra symbol.

The color which associated with this chakra is Red color. Red is considered one of the most primary color and this color is also can use to heal the chakra when it’s not in perfect condition. The color red normally represents the strength and vitality.

Other Important Details of Root chakra

We have discussed some basic information about this chakra and following are some unique characteristic of the first chakra in our energy body.

Location: Base of the Spine

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Planet: Mars

Sense: Smell

Symbol: Swastika

Day: Tuesday

Organs Controlled: Prostate, Womb, sex,

Endocrine gland: Adrenal cortex

No of Petals of the lotus: Four

What happens when chakra imbalance?

Now we will more discuss what will happen when this chakra is not perfectly balanced in our body. how this will affect in mentally and physically.

The main problem of unbalanced chakra is its effect on our physical and mental health. It is essential to have better balance and harmony in our chakra.

If one chakra in our energy body is not balanced it might create issues in our health. Any chakra can imbalance in two ways, first it can be overactive or it can block. Both situations are not good for our health.

It is essential to have balanced chakra system in our energy body.  In here we will discuss what happen when your root chakra is overactive or block in your energy body.


What Happen When your First Chakra is Overactive?

There are several mental and emotional problems are connected with the over active of the root chakra. Following are some symptoms that you can find out whether your root chakra is overactive


What Happen When Your Root Chakra is Block or Underactive?

Following are the common physical symptoms which occur due to blockage of the root chakra. If you have one or several symptoms of the following list we can come into conclusion that you are affected from root chakra blocking problem.

  • You might feel that you ar not having the energy to perform your daily activities.
  • If you are eating and drink too fast, this is also a symptom
  • If you are disorganized and clusters are fill in your home and office space.
  • You are struggling to fulfill your basic needs such as home, food, money

Likewise, there are so many symptoms that we can identify easily whether our first chakra is blocked or not. Don’t worry you can simply get balance root chakra by following proper healing methods 

How to Heal This Chakra (Methods to Heal)

There are several ways to get heal any chakra in our body. Some methods are much effective to heal certain chakra rather than other.

This chakra healing method also sometimes personalized. Which means the chakra healing method which performs best for you may not work best for other. So we have mentioned several powerful ways to get heal the root chakra in our body. By performing one by one you can find out what are the best chakra healing method which works best for you.

1. Chakra Crystal Healing Method:

Crystal healing therapy is now much popular because of its effectiveness and easiness. In crystal healing to heal chakra, there are specific crystals which allocated to heal specific chakra.

The major duty of root chakra crystal healing is to restore the energy and balance certain chakra in our energy body. There is certain vibrational frequency stored in stones.

When the vibrational frequency of certain crystal and certain chakra are matched each other, those stones can use to heal and balance certain chakra in our body.

For root chakra, the stones which can use to heal are Garnet, Mahogany Obsidian, Red Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Tourmaline, Red Carnelian and Red Jasper. These stones show proven results to heal root chakra.


2. Essential Oil Chakra Healing:

Like we said earlier essential oil is one of a good way to heal root chakra. If we consider about the essential oils there are a special type of essential oils are especially use to improve the performance of root chakra. Most of the essential oil which use to one chakra to get heal not work best for another chakra. Following are several essential oils which best for heal root chakra.

Most of the essential oil which use to one chakra to get heal not work best for another chakra. Following are several essential oils which best for heal root chakra.

  • ylang-ylang
  • Myrrh
  • Patchouli
  • Vetiver
  • Rosewood
  • Thyme
  • Frankincense
  • Ginger
  • patchouli

There are so many different ways which can use these essential oils to heal this chakra. But for root chakra, it’s much better if you can apply this oils and massage the area of the base of the spine (Where root chakra located)  to get the best result.


3. Perform Chakra Mudra:

Mudra is some predetermined hand positions. It is consider that each hand reflection position reacts on a special part of our brain. It also guides energy flow into our brain and by that, we can link into universal energy force.

To activate this Muladhara chakra Gayan Mudra is widely use. This Gayan Mudra also helps to create vortex balance too. To perform Gayan mudra you need to let the tip of your thumb and index finger need to get a touch.


4. Eating Proper Food for Chakra:

Food is the most important thing for any species. It doesn’t matter whether you are human or any kind of living species in this world, Without food you can’t survive. So by having proper food you can activate certain areas and chakras in our body.

To improve root chakra you can uses red color food ( red is the color of the first chakra) There are several red color foods which are excellent to get heal and improve this chakra . for example Apples, bean, raspberries, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, pomegranate, pepper, radish, watermelon etc are considered good for this chakra to balance naturally. This is one of the easiest ways to get heal this chakra.


5. Perform Yoga for Chakra Healing:

Yoga poses are considered a much effective way to heal the chakra in our body. The power of yoga is much effective and easy rather than any other method.

There are some certain chakras which connect with some yogas. Not all yoga asana ( position) is good to balance every chakra. For root chakra, there are several yoga asanas which provide great results such as.

  • Uttanasana  (Forward Bend)
  • Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
  • Virabhadrasana (Warrior 1)
  • Balasana (Child Pose)

You can try this yoga position to get heal and balance your root chakra at any time of the day. If you are really practicing this method it’s also good if you can Patrice some of this yogas twice a week while you wake up in morning.

It’s also essential to have better Patrice and education on yoga before perform it. So I would rather advise learning yoga by an expert before performing any yoga.


6. Root Chakra Affirmations

Affirmation got a powerful reaction in our subconscious mind. Affirmations are also worked with the law of attraction and help to create things. There are several powerful affirmations which can use to get heal Root Chakra. You can create your own affirmations which related to cure certain chakra. Following are several affirmations you can use to heal this chakra. which collect from  website 


Root chakra affirmations

To have the best result of chakra affirmations it is essential to recite it on daily basis.

Research shows that the best result of chakra affirmation show recites before sleep and after sleep.

In this stage, our mind is on relax status so your affirmation will send into deep subconscious mind to get the maximum results.


7. Chakra Healing Reflexology

Reflexology is also known as therapy zone. In this natural alternative medicine is also involve to apply the pressure to certain areas (Especially on feet and hands). Like another alternative medicine method which described earlier. There is certain reflexology method which can use to improve the root chakra of our body.

Reflexology On the arm: a fingers width below a base of the wrist of your hand.

Reflexology On the Sole: areas of the internal and outer edge of feet, start with the right side.

You need to apply pressure on this area to get heal the root chakra


8. Root Chakra Sound Therapy:

There is special single word mantra called bij mantra in Indian spiritual science.  Sound “LAM” is the bij mantra which connects with this first chakra of our body. By performing this mantra while you were performing mudra create excellent results.

The frequency of this “LAM” single word is 256 Hz which is perfectly matched to heal this chakra. If we consider about natural sound to hear the sound of thunder is consider perfect for this sound therapy. In youtube, you can find lots of chakra healing sound to heal any chakra to get stable and improve.

9. Root Chakra Healing Meditation:

Meditation is an ultimate powerful way to heal any chakra. Meditation is also considered the most successful chakra healing method which can use for any chakra to get heal in short time.

There are certain methods to perform to heal certain chakra or you can perform one basic meditation method to get heal all chakra in our body.

You need to be very carefully if you are using meditation to heal and energized chakra of your body. Without proper guidance do not perform chakra meditation. You must have proper guidance to perform any chakra meditation because it’s so much powerful.

If we consider about the root chakra healing, you can perform meditation by imaging a bright red color light at the base of your spine and then imagine this red light is extending down to your leg and feet.  There are also several other meditation methods which can use to improve this chakra too.


10. Natural Healing Methods:

There are several natural ways that you can get heal the chakras in our energy body. As we described earlier there are seven chakras in our body.

The chakra healing method which use to heal one chakra is identical to other. So to heal root chakra naturally you can use grounding.

Perform outdoor activities such as gardening, mountain hiking and other activities which connect us with nature got great natural way to improve root chakra.

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Root Chakra

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What Happens When Your Root Chakra is Perfectly balanced.

If your root chakra is perfectly balanced you may feel growth in your career, personal development and relationship also. By performing some healing methods you can easily get balanced your chakra and it create lots of benefits to us. Following are some good benefits and improvement which we can get from balanced first chakra of our energy body.

  • Having great strength and energy to perform your daily tasks effectively
  • Clutter free environment on home and office space.
  • Feel really great about yourself
  • Feel great about your career life and love your job
  • Got the ability to perform long lasting relationship with others
  • Great sense of sex and enhance the sexual ability
  • Ability to control fear in your life and feel safe and secure about your life.

In here we have discussed some basic information about the Root chakra, what will happen when your root chakra is not balanced in your energy body and what are the healing methods which can do to get heal this chakra.

Finally, what are the good thing happen into our life by having proper balanced first chakra? Hope that you have got some extensive knowledge about the Root Chakra of our energy system.

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