Serious Root Chakra Opening Symptoms Affect Us

Root Chakra Opening SymptomsThere are several root chakra opening symptoms and prolems which we have to face and affect in physically and mentally.  In our previous articles ” Introduction of 1st Chakra in Our Body (Root Chakra)” we have discussed on some basic information relate to our first chakra. We also discuss how to heal this chakra by using perfect root chakra healing methods.  Today we are plan to discuss some physical ailments and emotional problems connect with this root chakra imbalance in our body.

Root Chakra Opening Symptoms and Problems affect in Physically

If this basic root chakra is not perfectly balance you may witness to get feel some physical ailments such as followings.

Problems in immune system:

Immune system of our body is one of the most important bio system which protect use from so many ailments. When this system is not function perfectly this might be a reason to occur some serious ailments in to our body . Low or blockage of root chakra is also directly involve with our immune system . Imbalance of this chakra may lead immune disorders of our body.

Fatigue and headaches:

Fatigue  and headaches are frequent physical ailment which associate with the imbalance of root chakra.

Sleeping Problems

Do you have any sleeping problems or insomnia. Sometimes this might be a reason for root chakra imbalance in your body.

Other Root Chakra Opening symptoms

  • Low physical energy low and you feel tired always
  • Low back pain , arthritis and muscle pain are also some of the health problems
  • when you got the feeling of exhausted all the time its might probably due to the imbalance of root chakra in your energy body.
  • Since there are less energy in your body you may feel lazy to do work in your life
  • Following are several other physical problems which associated with this root chakra imbalance lower back pain ,constipation ,sciatica ,hypertension ,impotence and colitis.
  • If you are suffered from eating disorders might be a problem which associate with root chakra imbalance.
  • The prostate problems in men is a cause of the chakra imbalance.

Emotionally and Mental problems When Root Chakra Imbalance 

This root chakra imbalance also affect so many mental and emotional problems in our self such as following.

Depression and anxiety:

Depression and anxiety is one of the most common emotional problems in our society. Some time the major reason behind these  depression and anxiety .

This might be an imbalance of root chakra. Once this root chakra get balance by performing root chakra healing methods you may feel better with your emotions without and depression or anxiety.

Fearfulness in Your Life:

The leading emotional problem wich relate to this chakra imbalance is fearfulness in your life. The person is also life in lots of fear in his or her life and they like to live on survival mode  and fear to get change in life rather than take risk and get forward in your life.

Other Emotional Problems

  • Excessive worry about personal finance and money, financial security and insecurity of your career.
  • Root chakra is greatly connect with fear , sometimes you get fear of that you are unable to satisfy your basic needs such as foods, shelter and clothing.
  • Low sexual emotions for partner (Sexual dysfunction)
  • Always feeling insecurity and got self-esteem problems .
  • the person is also like to live under co dependency and feel abandon in their life.
  • Restlessness is one of another emotional problem which associate with this imbalance due to that you may feel depression , stress and lack of focus in your life.
  • Resentment ,Gambling problem ,Excessive negativity,cynicism and Illusion are some other emotional problems which connect with the imbalance of this chakra.
  • The over activity of root chakra lead another serious problems of selfishness and egotism.

Hope you have some good understanding on root chakra opening symptoms and what are the things which can happen when this root chakra is not under perfect condition in our body.