What Happen When Your Root Chakra Imbalance

Root Chakra Imbalance Root Chakra Imbalance can cause serious problems in our body and mind . In this article we are plan to discuss what will happen when this root chakra is not under perfect balance condition.This root chakra is also known as Muladhara chakra in Sanskrit and also named as adhara chakra. the meaning of the muladhara in Sanskrit is foundation or base. Like wish this is the base and foundation of the entire chakra systems. In our previous article we have discussed the basic information of this root chakra. In this article we are plan to discuss what will happen when this root chakra is not under perfect balanced condition. 

Problems Affected with Root Chakra Imbalance

Root chakra is imbalance in your energy body this will create impacts such as.

The imbalance of root chakra may cause some serious physical and emotional problems in our life.

If you are a family man these problems will affect for your relationship and get depress both partners too.

Sometimes you may feel some mental and physical problems in our life which is difficult to perform the full potential of our life.

There are so many physical and emotional ailments are connect  with this root chakra imbalance in our energy body.


Root Chakra Imbalance Symptoms

You got any feeling that your are not having enough energy to do the daily tasks which you want to do .

Sometimes you think one thing to another thing but at end of the day you haven’t done any thing. This is also a symptoms that your root chakra is get blocked.

Do you think that you are eating and drinking too fast , this is normally known as gobbling, this is also a symptom that your root chakra is get blocked .

Do your feel that you are much disorganize and your office space and your home filled with clutters, this is all imply root chakra blockage . So remove clutters and get organize to improve your chakra.

 You may constantly struggling to fulfill your primary need such as house, foods and money to fulfill your necessary requirements.


Root Chakra Overactive Problems

 Person is much energized and over active your root chakra normally this person is selfish and also got great ego.

These root chakra over activity also encourage bullying and crude too. So balancing root chakra in the optimum level is essential.

If your root chakra are more open than normal state, these persons get so aggressive and really pro active .

What Happens When your Root Chakra Balanced

Root chakra is one of the basic chakra to get heal. without healing this particular chakra it’s really difficult to focus on your career, relationship and your personal development.  Following are several feelings that indicate that your root chakra is balance.

When your root chakra is block for some reason your can activate and open up this chakra by performing some earth related activities.

  • having good strength and energy to do your daily tasks effectively
  • well-organized home and office space with free from clutter.
  • your feel great about your career and satisfied you your work
  • Ability to form long-lasting relationships with others.
  • Enhance good sexual ability and good feeling of sex improve
  • Since imbalance of root chakra is associate with fear, once your root chakra is perfectly balanced you may got the ability to control fear of your life and also got great sense of safe in your life.

When this basic chakra is not under balance conditions you may feel lots of physical and emotional problems. But by doing several alternative treatments and methods these imbalance of chakra can get heal in really simple ways.


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