Fifth Chakra

What Happen When Fifth Chakra Not Balance ?

Fifth Chakra (Throat chakra) is locat in between neck and shoulder  and the color of this chakra is blue. This chakra is also influence the audible and clear speaking, expression of creativity and good communication skills. Those who fully balance this chakra got great authentic voice and always says the truth.When this throat chakra is properly heal and balance it’s easy to flow the energy of the body and into your spirit. Most of the singers who use their voice and rhythm are the...

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Solar Plexus Chakra Imbalance

What Happen When Solar Plexus Chakra Imbalance ?

When your solar plexus chakra imbalance  you may have to face lots of dificulites in your life . It’s also good to have a balance solar plexus chakra to have great control over your emotions and your thoughts.The major advantage of having a well balance chakra is so you can have clear goals and desires .You can move fast for the direction of achievements and goals which you are planning to fulfill in your journey.There are several breathing meditations which your can perform to have...

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Heart Chakra Healing

7 Powerful Techniques of Heart Chakra Healing Really Fast

Heart Chakra Healing is really important chakra to get heal when this fifth chakra is not under perfect condition in your energy body. There are so many ways to get protect and heal any chakra. by eating proper food , doing certain yoga asana, reiki methods, reflexology and aromatherapy . Chakra meditation is one of the best way to get heal in any chakra. There are so many meditation methods to get heal the seventh chakra. Following are several alternative medicin healing methods to get heal...

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Crown Chakra Healing

7 Ways Of Crown Chakra Healing Provide Amazing Results

Crown chakra healing is really essential to have good balanced chakra system in our energy body and this chakra is one of the most important chakra.  There are so many way to get unbalance this chakra . When this chakra get unbalance you may have to face some physical and emotional problems in your life. To overcome this chakra unbalance problem can easily done by using certain chakra healing methods like following. Crown Chakra Healing Essential Oils Most of chakra imbalance related problems...

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Throat Chakra Healing

9 Super Fast Ways To Throat Chakra Healing In Your Body

Throat Chakra Healing is essential to have better balance in your entire energy body. There are so many ways to get protect and heal any chakra. By eating proper food , doing certain yoga asana, reiki methods, reflexology and aromatherapy are some of the energy healing methods to balance any chakra of your body. Following are some of the alternative effective healing methods which can use to get heal this throat chakra significantly. Throat Chakra Healing Using Color Therapy Color therapy is...

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Third Eye Chakra Healing

6 Best Patrice to Third Eye Chakra Healing Really Fast

Third eye chakra healing is one of the important chakra to get heal to have a better harmony in chakra system of our energy body. There are several alternative medicine methods to use to get heal any chakra like reflexology, reiki energy healing therapy, chakra stone healing therapy and more. following are several alternative medicine and other natural methods to improve this third eye chakra. Third Eye Chakra Healing Stones Healing Method As we discuss in our earlier articles, “What is...

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