How to Healing The Root Chakra 100% Natuarally

healing the root chakraThere are so many ways to healing the root chakra in our body we have alredy discussed several ways to heal our root chakra in our previous articles.  In that article we have also discussed more on healing root chakra by using chakra healing  methods such as:

  • Chakra healing stones
  • Aromatherapy and essential oils
  • Yoga poses for heal root chakra
  • Chakra healing color therapy
  • Sound therapy

And many more methods to heal this chakra in alternative medicine methods. Today we are going to discuss methods which we can use to heal this chakra in natural way.

There are no cost connect with this root chakra charging in natural way. Only you need is good commitment and time.  Following are several methods which you can use to heal our first chakra in natural way.

Main Problems to Healing The Root Chakra

The major problem associate with this root chakra is feeling unsafe in the world. So to get free from this situation what you can do is to create good relationship with our environment. For that there are several natural things your can do to improve your chakra in natural way.

Root Chakra Development As Parent

Whatever the areas what your parents develop will teach to their children . So they also got the skills and habits of their parents got which will use to improve certain chakra without knowledge of chakra scenarios.

For example if your father more focus on physical strength and exercise more keep good health Patrice , he is developing root chakra .

As a child you may follow your father and being good health by doing more physical relate activities . So without conscious you also develop your orange chakra by following your furthers rituals.

By that following good habits of your parents will cause and improve your root chakra as well as other chakras.

Natural Root Chakra Healing Methods

Stay out side and perfect grounded:

Root chakra is connect with element of Earth. So simply going outdoors and experience the sounds and smell of nature, will have a positive effect. sith on the grass, under a tree and allow yourself to absorb these earthly energies.

healing the root chakra by perform physical activities

Most of our physical activities governed and support by this root chakra. so performing physical activities use to enhance your root chakra and get grounded in our life.

Perform Outdoor Activities :

Since the element of root chakra is earth it’s better to do some activities such as gardening , mountain hiking and get connect with nature will improve this chakra and get open if it’s close for some reason.

Sitting on the grass, under a tree which directly connect to the environment is another good way to improve this chakra in natural way.

Walk in barefoot is also a good way to balance your root chakra.

Root chakra is the foundation of our chakra system and it’s really important to heal this chakra at initial stage.

When your root chakra is perfectly balance you may sense good grounded feeling and safe in your life.

We are plan to discuss more and more regarding this healing the root chakra in this site in future. Because perfect condition of this chakra is much important than going for other chakras.