What Happen When Fifth Chakra Not Balance ?

Fifth ChakraFifth Chakra (Throat chakra) is locat in between neck and shoulder  and the color of this chakra is blue. This chakra is also influence the audible and clear speaking, expression of creativity and good communication skills. Those who fully balance this chakra got great authentic voice and always says the truth.When this throat chakra is properly heal and balance it’s easy to flow the energy of the body and into your spirit.

Most of the singers who use their voice and rhythm are the persons who got great control and balance over this throat chakra. Normally most of good balance throat chakra personals got great voice and good sense of rhythm too.

Throat chakra also control the thyroid, jaw, neck , toung mouth,larynx and parathyroid. so when your throat chakra is imbalance for certain reason there are high tendency to occur aliments in those physical parts of your body which related to your neck.


Areas Get Affected by Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra (throat chakra) is influence by communication , creativity , truthfulness and institution . So when this chakra is not under good shape in your body the mention areas may get affectdue to that reason.

Normally Throat chakra is physically control the mouth ,ears , nose, teeth and tongue of our face . So having balanced chakra is also essential to have perfect health conditions in those mentioned areas.


Problems Affected with Throat Chakra Imbalance

If you are not in good balance position of Throat Chakra it might affect in a way that you are unable to explain yourself.

Wrong people are always attract for the persons who are not balance this chakra.

In future we are going to discuss how to use this essential oil therapy to get balance your throat chakra and enhance your ability to express yourself in proper way.

Most of communication skills and methods are also associate with this throat chakra . In good way or bad way we can say things to other which get really effect on them. You always know that you are always talking to yourself in the little voice inside your head.

In here we are plan to discuss what are the physical and emotional problems which can cause due to the overactive, block and imbalance of this throat chakra.


What Happen When Your Fifth Chakra is Block

Fifth chakra is also consider as the important on your self expression ability and creative talents. When throat chakra get block you may feel discomfort in expressing your self to other and feel depress and unhappy. Since this chakra are also affect to creativity you may get lack of ideas and opinions.


Problems Get Affected when your Throat chakra is overactive

If this throat chakra get over activat , that person may feel lots of arrogance and poor self esteem too.

Apart of this psychological problems , you may also feel throat problems such as laryngitis, respiratory alignments and other throat problems associated with throat.

In future we are plan to discuss more informations regarding the this throat chakra . The way to get heal this chakra instantly.

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