8 Essential Oils for Sacral Chakra Improvement

essential oils for sacral chakraEssential oils for sacral chakra are widly use for  creativity improvement and it got huge demand on market because of its effectiveness.  For aromatherapy treatment you can apply  the necessary essential oil  in the area below the navel . By apply certain essential oils you can easily get balance your sacarl chakra in very short time span. Essential oils of woody and floral work great to heal this sacral chakra and improve it performance by balancing them. 

When your sacral chakra block or under perform you can use citrus oil based remedy to get balance.If your got problems associate with overactivity you can apply such essential oil related to sacral chakra.

How to Use Essential Oils For Creativity Improvement

Hot and cold compresses is another way to apply such essential oils. Taking a good warm bath is also another optimum way to heal sacral chakra.You can use diffuse with vaporizer, light a candle, and burn an incense stick or apply a roll on to take a bath for use essential oils.

Aromatherapy by using essential oil is also great way to get heal certain chakra . For certain chakra there are separate essential oils which proves better results to get heal the certain chakra.

Best  8 Essential Oils for Sacral Chakra

Following are some famous essential which easy to find in market. These essential oils got great benefit to heal sacral chakra in your energy body.


1. Benzoin :  Consider Essential Oils for Sacral Chakra

Benzoin is warming oil but you need to apply this carefully because sometimes it can irritate sensitive skins.


2. Lemon Essential oil

Lemon oil is also known as citrus oil which widely use to cleanses the second chakra of our energy body.


3. Sandalwood Essential oil

Sandalwood help to enhance sensual and elevated mood and this oil is use to cure so many chakras because of tis soothing and sensual qualities.


4. Juniper Essential oil

This is oil got the ability to purifying but you need to extra care to not to use during pregnancy duration or if you got any kidney ailment. 


5. Jasmin Essential oil

Jasmine is also very popular in aromatherapy which create seductive sensation . Like juniper its advice to not to use Jasmin under pregnancy durations and the nursing mothers.


6. Rose Essential oil

Rose is one of the famous essential oil which uplift and effective aphrodisiac. 


7. Petitgrain Essential oil

Petitgrain oil is use to refresh your mind and spirits. This oil is work excellent to heal sacral chakra. 


8. Orange essential oils for sacral chakra

Orange is an stimulations citrus base oil which your to get calm and relax.

By using such essential oils for sacral chakra you can feel that you are improving your sexual and creativity . Hope that you have got some good understanding on some best  types of essential oils to get heal this chakra in very fast.