7 Crystals For Root Chakra For Heal Muladhara Chakra

crystals for root chakraThe major role of crystals for root chakra
are to restore the balance of your first chakra in your energy body and activate your first chakra . For that your  can restoring vibrational frequency of the stone and your body. If we consider on the color, the color  of root chakra is red . So the most stones are used to heal this root chakra got red color. Some people might think the its is always necessary to uses the color of the stone which related to color of the chakra.

It’s not always right :

Sometimes the color of chakra and color of stone get match and will properly work and heal .

It is essential to check the vibrational frequency of the chakra stone match on certain chakra frequency. When this both get match it got great healing property .To heal the root chakra your can use the relevant stones . The chakra stones  got the cosmic ability to cleanse this chakra. 

The gemstones which associate with this root chakra is ruby or the garnet gemstones.Normally ruby is use to enhance the unity and its belive that ruby got the ability to get light into dark places.

Following are several other chakra healing stones which use to activate the root chakras.

5 Best crystals for root chakra to heal and cleanse chakra

1. Garnet Chakra Healing Stone

Garnet is also precious gemstone which use for personal success and empowerment.Garnet are excellent to stimulate survival instincts . Garnet stones also got the ability to increase courage and willpower.


2. Obsidian Chakra stone

Mahogany Obsidian are the best stone for root chakra in Obsidian stone category. There are several obsidian types stones but Mahogany Obsidian consider best to heal this chakra. 


3. Red Tiger’s Eye Crystals for Root Chakra

Red Tiger’s Eye Chakra Stones are used for Grounding and Protection . Chakra stone also got the ability to Physical vitality.


4. Hematite 

Hematite stones got great healing properties .  Hematite stone work excellent to have more willpower, confidence and courage in yourself. Chakra stone got the ability to get connection with earth and also feel us safe in our life. Root chakra healing stone got the ability to regulate the blood supply in our body . Hematite are also support for the ailments associate with kidneys.


5. Tourmaline :

Tourmaline is a semi precious gemstone and this stone got great  healing capacity . This  stones are used to:

  • detoxification
  • weight loss
  • improve circulation system

in our body in physical health.  Black Tourmaline are work fine for block root chakra to get heal .


6. Red Carnelian Chakra Stone :

Red Carnelian is one of the beautiful gemstone which got great healing property inside it. Root chakra stones is widely use to attract prosperity and good luck. Carnelian got translucent glassy property and this stones are worn by ancient warriors to have courage in battle field.


7. Red Jaspe :

Red Jasper Stones are widely use to have protection from both spiritual realm and its also use for physical realm too. Red Jasper is consider one of the most powerful healing stones and work fine with healing root chakra.


You can use the mention crystals for root chakra as a jewelry to keep it your self or to place or connect with the chakra affect area of your body. Root chakra healing stones are one of the most popular way to use for balance these root chakra and other chakra in our chakra system.


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