Introduction of 7th chakra in Our Body (Crown Chakra)

7th chakraThe 7th Chakra is known as Crown  and in Sanskrit it’s named as Sahasrara Chakra.The body part which impact on this 7th chakra is Central Nervous system . This seventh chakra is located at top of the head. Crown chakra is the final stage of opening for advanced practitioner and it control karma universal unity and the meditation control.This sahaswara chakra is really important in spiritual connection and enlightenment . This chakra is consider one of the  opening portal to universal energy.  Following are some of the important information regarding this chakra


Other Names of Crown chakra

This chakra is workup to the top of the body which everything comes together. even the sanskrit name of crown chakra is sahasrara , but there are several others names such as shunnya chakra and Niralambapuri chakra.

Sahasra Chakra

What Symbolize This 7th Chakra

Crown chakra is a chakra which symbolized the connection to your divine.  

In ancient world rulers of nations and countries consider as gods and someone who got connection with gods .

For those who also got connection with heaven and they are the provide the guidance by using this chakra.

What Happend When You Open your Crown Chakra ?

Crown chakra is all about the accepting the guidance and opening up ourselves to higher levels.

Opening up crown chakra is one of the hardest things to do and it’s really difficult to fully open up crown chakra. And for those who open up crown chakra got the ability to control things in your life.

Open up crown chakra will lead us to get connected with universal powers . this is also help us get connect with the universe.  

To have a better crown chakra you need to learn and surrender yourself to the universe to get its wisdom.

What Chakra Balanced Crown Chakra ?

Every chakra got another chakra to get balanced, for 7th Chakra, the third chakra solar plexus is the chakra to get balanced.

 When your crown chakra and solar plexus chakra is perfectly balanced you are in the position of get leadership in the area.

Most of monks , spiritual leaders are the persons  who surrender their self to the universe or god who got great control in this crown chakra.

Crown Chakra Color : Violet

This chakra is also  associated with spirit and it the color also assisted with white , lavender and pastel colors.

Sahasra Chakra is much associated with the spirituality and this seventh chakra allows people to go far away from materialistic and to get connected with universal.

What influence by 7th Chakra

Following are the areas which get influence in your life throughout this chakra

  • Inspiration
  • spirituality
  • Faith
  • Connection to god

Other Important Detail of Crown Chakra

In energy first chakra and this 7th Chakra is interconnected . Following are several important information of this chakra system.

Element: None

Planet: None

Sense :perception of time

Sanskrit Name : Sahasrara

Mantra : Silence after Om

Yoga pose : Lotus Pose


The Endocrine system connect with Crown chakra

The Sahasra Chakra is associate with pituitary and pineal glands in hypothalamus of your brain . Since this is connect with brain so this chakra got the ability to control the entire nervous system of our body.

In this article hope that you have some good understanding on the seventh chakra in our energy body and in our future articles we are plan to discuss what are the things which can happen when this crown chakra is not under perfect balance in our body . Solution and remedy to get heal this chakra and by balancing them.


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