Best 5 Crown Chakra Stones For Fast Chakra Healing

Crown Chakra StonesCrown chakra stones are one of the easy methods to get heal your seventh chakra in your energy body and this is one of the effective healing method. Most of chakra stones got vibrational energy by itself . If you got right chakra vibrational stones which effect to certain chakra it can also able to get use to  heal that particular chakra. Most of these chakra stones can use as jewelry or place it  directly to get chakra in healing. Apart from directly apply these stones much connect with the  where you live at such as home and office space .

Crown chakra is also a combination of a circle and thousand petals. sometimes this circle is also symbolize the full moon. The symbol of this crown chakra is lotus flower with thousand petals of different colors. Most of the petals in this crown chakra is arranged in separate twenty layers. There are circular moon region inside this chakra symbol which also inscribed with luminous triangle.

So most of crown chakra can get heal by purple color and white color gemstones and crystals. Following are several few chakra healing stones and crystals which are widely used to heal crown chakra in our body.


1. Amethyst Crown Chakra Stones:

Amethyst is the most popular chakra healing stone to heal crown chakra. Amethyst is a semi precious gemstone and this stone helps to do proper medications. Its also belive that this chakra stone got ability to get guide to communicate with angels. Most of seventh chakra unbalance can get heal by using simply apply and use amethyst in your day-to-day life.  This crown chakra stones got will sue to enhances spiritual awareness and spiritual wisdom in your body. 


2. Diamonds: Expensive Crown Chakra Stones

Diamond is most precious stone which belive got access to the divine energies. This stone can help to clear energy fields and to get connect with higher domains. Diamond got great connection to crown chakra. But this stone is rearly used to heal seventh chakra because of its higher cost. 


3. Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz is one of the cheap chakra healing stone which easily to find but got great benefits to heal this crown chakra. This clear quartz amplifies your body energy level and this stone is also good to  improve memory too. Sometimes this cheap clear quartz also use to get amplify some of your psychic abilities too. Due to high availability this chakra healing stones are widely used to heal this crown chakra in our chakra system. 


4. Howlite Chakra Stone:

Howlite is also famous crystals heal this crown chakra in our energy body. This stone use to calm and soothe your emotions. Howlite  Chakra stone got the ability to bring the mental awareness and also to get absorb negative energy.


5. Labradorite

Labradorite Chakra stone are used to innate magical powers. For those who patrician psychic power this chakra stones are widely use.

Healing by using gem stones and crown chakra stones are now getting much popular by observing their tremendous benefits and healing properties. clear Quartz- Spiritual Connection.

Crown chakra is connect to the higher consciousness state.Even the symbol and color represent Crown chakra stones of crown chakra is more common and represents white color.

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