7 Ways Of Crown Chakra Healing Provide Amazing Results

Crown Chakra HealingCrown chakra healing is really essential to have good balanced chakra system in our energy body and this chakra is one of the most important chakra.  There are so many way to get unbalance this chakra . When this chakra get unbalance you may have to face some physical and emotional problems in your life. To overcome this chakra unbalance problem can easily done by using certain chakra healing methods like following.

Crown Chakra Healing Essential Oils

Most of chakra imbalance related problems can easily solve out by using chakra healing essential oils. The most famous way to heal by using this essential oil are using oil burner and vaporizers.

Aromatherapy is a famous alternative medicine method which use to heal by using inhale such smells . For that you can keep the bottle of required essential oil to inhale or can put a few drops on handkerchief to carry with you.

Whether it’s necessary you can apply certain herbal essential oil into the certain part of the body which related to relevant chakra. for example you can apply blend to  back of the neck.

Flowery Crown Chakra Healing Oils

Flowery essential oils for crown chakra healing .

  • Frankincense
  • Rosewood
  • Jasmin
  • Rose
  • Neroli


Chakra Mudra for Crown Chakra

Akash Mudra is the mudra which associate with this crown chakra . And for that what you need to do is to touch the tip of the middle finger with that of the thumb and keep the other fingers straight. You also place your hands in front of your stomach,


Crown Chakra Meditations

There are thousands of benefits of meditations and the main purpose of meditation is to get relax physically and mentally. Meditation also help to get balance every chakra. But without proper knowledge doing meditation is extremely harmful. If you are plan to do meditations , its better if you are perfom this chakra meditation with proper guidance.


Food forCrown Chakra Healing

Since this crown chakra is much focus on spiritual level physical foods and nutrients are not work with this . To nourish this crown chakra what all you need to do is to meditation, prayers and fasting. This chakra doesn’t need any physical food to get heal.

To maintain and energize your crown chakra, consider doing a detox or fast, Juicing fresh fruits .Vegetable along with drinking plenty of water is also good to improve this seventh chakra. 


Crown Chakra Healing Yoga Poses 

Normally without considering the healing of crown chakra  balancing and healing, every yoga asana got lots of benefits in to our life. By performing every yoga asana you  can  improve your body strength, health , flexibility and stamina. There are several yoga asana (Seated Posture) which will definitely use to improve your crown chakra.

Following are some of several crown chakra yoga poses which you can perform to get heal your crown chakra in very effective way.

  • Padmasana (Lotus Pose)
  • Salamba Sirsasana (Headstand)
  • Matsyasana (Fish Pose)
  • Savasana (Corpse Pose)
  • Vrksasana (Tree Pose)

Performing following yogas will useful to open your crown chakra and let the energy flow through all your seven chakras too.

Healing In Natural Way

Crown chakra is connect with all the elements and with the thought in particular. So proper meditations and spiritual patrice is one way to heal this chakra in natural mannar. Apart of meditation you can also patrice prayer, spiritual songs and chanting in group can also help to heal this chakra and balance it.

The best way to heal this crown chakra is through form crown chakra meditations. Since crown chakra is more related to spirituality it’s always better to get heal this crown chakra through  meditations.

Crown Chakra Healing Reflexology

Massage these areas to stimulate the crown chakra : on the arm, the tips of 1st, 2nd and 3rd fingers. on the sole : on the ear ends of the plantar surface to big toe, brimming on the inner face opposite the second toe, clockwise.