Balancing Throat Chakra

What are Throat Chakra Opening Symptoms and How to Deal With it

We have alredy disussed in sevral articles regarding several chakra healing methods. Today we are plan to disucss What are Throat Chakra Opening Symptoms  and what are the things which can happend due to unable to balancing throat chakra in your energy body. Physical Ailments can Occur Due to Throat Chakra Opening Symptoms Health Problems associate with imbalance of this throat chakra are hearing relate  problems, thyroid health problems, shoulder problems and always get cold. Those who got...

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Fifth Chakra

What Happen When Fifth Chakra Not Balance ?

Fifth Chakra (Throat chakra) is locat in between neck and shoulder  and the color of this chakra is blue. This chakra is also influence the audible and clear speaking, expression of creativity and good communication skills. Those who fully balance this chakra got great authentic voice and always says the truth.When this throat chakra is properly heal and balance it’s easy to flow the energy of the body and into your spirit. Most of the singers who use their voice and rhythm are the...

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Throat Chakra Healing

9 Super Fast Ways To Throat Chakra Healing In Your Body

Throat Chakra Healing is essential to have better balance in your entire energy body. There are so many ways to get protect and heal any chakra. By eating proper food , doing certain yoga asana, reiki methods, reflexology and aromatherapy are some of the energy healing methods to balance any chakra of your body. Following are some of the alternative effective healing methods which can use to get heal this throat chakra significantly. Throat Chakra Healing Using Color Therapy Color therapy is...

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What is Throat Chakra

What is 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) and Why is So Important ?

The 5th Chakra is known as Throat Chakra and in Sanskrit its name as Vishuddha Chakra.The body part which impact on this 5th chakra is ears and it’s locate in throat.Throat chakra is govern communications and fluent in thought and the sense of security. On the physical level 5th chakra controls the functions of thyroid gland.When kundalini pierce in this center the person become extremely truthful and sweet in communications. another good thing it’s the person who fully activated...

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