Heart Chakra Healing

7 Powerful Techniques of Heart Chakra Healing Really Fast

Heart Chakra Healing is really important chakra to get heal when this fifth chakra is not under perfect condition in your energy body. There are so many ways to get protect and heal any chakra. by eating proper food , doing certain yoga asana, reiki methods, reflexology and aromatherapy . Chakra meditation is one of the best way to get heal in any chakra. There are so many meditation methods to get heal the seventh chakra. Following are several alternative medicin healing methods to get heal...

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What is Heart Chakra

What is Heart Chakra and Why its Important ?

Your may wonder What is Heart Chakra in the chakra system and why its so important in our life. In this article we are explain the importance of having good heart chakra.  It is also necessary to have a better heart chakra to become a better human. If you are having good heart chakra you are having great flow of love which is essential for our life. The 4th Chakra is known as Heart and in Sanskrit its named as Anahata Chakra.The body part which impact on this 4th chakra is lungs and...

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