What is 3rd Eye Chakra and Why is So Important ?

3rd eye chakraThe 6th Chakra is known as 3rd Eye Chakra  and in Sanskrit its name is Ajana Chakra . The body part which impact on this 6th chakra is eyes and it’s locatebetween forehead and eyes.Third eye chakra is also governs the intuitions ,visual consciousness and mental clarity.  This sixth chakra is also connected to our cosmic insight.The chakra subtle energy channels in the  different part of the energy body as well as specific life situations.Your third eye is the seed of the perception of the truth . whatever you think about your life , whatever think about yourself and who you are depending on this chakra.

Areas Governed By 3rd Eye Chakra

If we consider about what are the areas which most affected in this chakra. Innersense is more associated with this third eye chakra and the things you may feel on right or wrong associated with this chakra.

Physical parts associate with this chakra are brow, eyes a and base of skull . This chakra is also connect with imagination and intuition.

We will check some basic information and details of this third eye chakra and its impact on our body and mind in this article.


Symbol of Third Eye Chakra

Symbol of this ajna chakra is five-pointed stars .There are two petal of lotus in this symbol. the color of the symbol are shake of dark blue or indigo.the symbol of third eye chakra consist with the upside down triangle and lotus flower which symbolizes the wisdom.


Aura of Sixth Chakra

This sixth chakra of our energy body is also connect with sixth layer of aura which known as celestial layer of aura science. this Celestial aura is also connect with experience spiritual ecstasy.


Other Names of Third Eye Chakra

Third eye chakra is also known as Ajna chakra

  • brow chakra
  • 3rd Eye Chakra
  • bhru madhya
  •  vidak padma

the meaning of this chakra is command.

Normally we got the sense in to our mind through five senses. but there are one sense which hard to explain which also much connected with psychic abilities.

  • Element: Ether(Light)
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Sense : Insight
  • Mantra :  Om

Third Eye Color : Indigo

3rd Eye Chakra is connect with visions and dreams . This chakra represents colors of indigo and violet.the color which represent this third eye chakra is color indigo or purpose.

In aura science this third eye chakra also able to seen as the color of purple or white color.

you can use this purple and blue color to your surrounding to improve your third eye chakra.


How to check that your 3rd Eye Chakra is balanced position.

Third Eye Chakra Meditaion

Silence is one of the virtue which activate and cultivate third eye in yourself. Can you sit silence for several minutes without thinking any thing.  If you unable to do it , it shows that you are not much good at your third eye chakra and it’s good to get some times to Patrice silence in yourself to get activate this chakra.

This 3rd Eye Chakra is influence by inspiration, imaginations, self realizations and intelligence .

The opening of third eye is proving on seeing on others and also able to activate so many psychic activities such as seeing other aura.


What Are The Things Can Do Improve This Chakra

There are so many methods which can use to improve and balance this third eye chakra such as

  • Reiki Healing,
  • Chakra Stones Healing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Healing with Nature

We are discuss on these chakra healing methods on separate article.

To release this problem you can more focus on some basic chakra this can use to improve when your third eye chakra is more over active.

Doing mediation Patrice and reading book will help to improve your third eye chakra.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation Methods to Heal

There are so many mediations methods and activates help us to activate this third eye chakra in yourself.

The pranayama breathing system meditations can use to improve this third eye chakra.


Psychic Abilities Associated with this Chakra

 We also mention earlier that activating this third eye chakra  will let you to enter in to psychic world . Ability to enhance psychic your abilities such as clairvoyance,

To have mystical psychic power it’s good open your third eye chakra and this third eye chakra is also much connected with your imaginations too.


Activate 3rd Eye Chakra Chakra

Activating this third eye chakra help us to process the truth and to think thing which ordinary people do not see. In here we are plan to discuss some important aspects to look at this amazing chakra in our body.

Endocrine Gland Associated with Third Eye Chakra

The gland is connect with pineal gland and this gland also associate with dreams and spiritual experience , mystical experience.

In this article we are plan to get inform you the basic details which you want to get know about this chakra.

In our next article series on third eye chakra we are plan to give more information about what happen when your third eye chakra is not balance . What are the healing methods which you can get Patrice easily to get heal this chakra.

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