Introduction of 1st Chakra in Our Body (Root Chakra)

1st ChakraThe 1st Chakra is known as RootChakra  and in Sanskrit its name as Muladhara Chakra.The Body Part which impact on this first chakra are Legs, Adrenal Glands and Spine and its locate based on spine. Salt in the water represents the earth element which cleanses the root chakra.

Those who most active in 1st Chakra are soldiers , athletes  and person who more active on their physical abilities. Root chakra active persons are more proactive focus a lot in physical development and their health and got great  health ethics. Most of root chakra well active persons are higher energetic on their physical level.

Root chakra is one of the important chakra which is locat at base of your spine.Root Chakra is also known as base chakra and this is your power base.

Muladhara also got the ability to sense you to feel that you are safe and secure. The ability to keep money also affect by this chakra. Normally root chakra form in the age of two . Sometimes children who born in environments which are chaotic got much close in to the Muladhara.

Based Chakra is the most common chakra to get weak. Root Chakra are also one of the important based chakra which also associate with Physical Survival and Safety of your body.

Normally The root chakra is the most impact chakra from our birth to childhood. Which is much focus and base on our physical body.

How Kundalini Activated in 1st Chakra

Root Chakra Kundalini

This four petall center is call the mooladhara . This chakra is locate below the triangular sacrum bone. this center is place outside of the spine an on gross level corresponds to pelvic plexus, which looks after all our excretion, inclusive of sex activity.

through the kundalini has to rise through six centers, Mooladhara protects the purity and chastity of the Kundalini at the time of its awakening. Those who are more active in root chakra rather than other chakra got strong warrior attitude in their life.

Mooladhara is for our innocence and one get know that innocence can never be destroy. Too much thinking about and indulging in sex weakens this center.

Despite all arbitrary abandonment of natural laws , innocence , the power of mooladhara, remains in the sleeping or a sick state which can be cure and normalize through Kundalini awakening.

What Happens When Your Root Chakra Blocked or Over Active


If you are not much very active in physical level and feel always lazy , sometimes this might be a symptom that your root chakra is block.

If your mooladhara chakra are more open than normal state, these persons get so aggressive and really pro active .

when your 1st Chakra are some what low level or completely lock, these people are less active and don’t want to get in problems and also physically not much fit in healthy.

mooladhara chakra is directly related to sexual power, imbalance or block root chakra is the cause for poor sex problems such as poor sex drive and premature ejaculations.

Physical Ailment Associated With 1st Chakra Imbalance

There are so many physical and emotional problems such as

  • Low physical energy
  • feeling of exhaust all the time
  • insomnia
  • lower back pain
  • constipation
  • sciatica hypertension
  • impotence

can occur due to the block or imbalance 1st Chakra .

What Happen When Your Root Chakra is Balanced

Those persons are well in root chakra are able to stand up himself for problems and conflict they faced and got really good confidence to face problems.  These persons can do hard work consistently for longer period with high energetic level.

The balance root chakra provide greater stability into your life. the person who got great balance on this root chakra is  free from fear.

Root Chakra Color

See red color in your day to day life more is also good way to improve your root chakra. There are so many positive and negative impacts which associat with this red color.

Symbol of Root Chakra

The symbol of this first chakra is the combination of four lotus flower peath. and sometimes it design by the circle with 4 petals.Red color is use on this root chakra symbol to fill its petals.

Biochemical Gland Associated

Every chakra has a specific part in your body and also a gland too , for root chakra the part of the body which associate with is the base of your spine and the gland which relat with root chakra is adrenaline grand which is most important gland in survival and warrior attitude.

Other Important Details of Root Chakra

The element of root chakra is earth  and most of root chakra healing process is associat with the element. The planet which connect with this root chakra is consider as Mars. This chakra also influence with Physical identity, ambition and stability.

  • Element : Earth
  • Planet : Mars
  • Sense : Smell
  • Symbol :Swastika
  • Day :Tuesday
  • Organs Controlled :Prostate, Womb, sex,

In future articles we are plan to discuss further what will happen when your root Chaka is not under perfect balance Condition.

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